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Stormwater Basin Remediation

Stormwater Basin Remediation

By Design Landscapes was recently tasked with the remediation of an existing stormwater basin for a large adult community in Ocean County, NJ. The existing basin had become overgrown with vegetation over years of use along with a build up of organic material that needed to be removed. The new basin was brought up to current water management standards to help reduce the soil erosion impact to the surrounding local environment. 

What is a stormwater basin?

In populated areas such as large developments and shopping centers, the need for diverting water increases. When sewers are not able to handle excess rainfall from inpermerable surfaces like streets and roofs, a common method to manage the water is to use a basin.  Stormwater basin are used to collect excess water and release it into the ground at a more natural rate to help prevent local flooding of streams and soil erosion of landscapes. Image Source: Philadelphia Water Department 


By Design Landscapes work included the removal of trees and vegetation, the removal of any existing remnants of rip rap scour holes at the discharge locations, replacement of the basin bottom with topsoil, fertilizer and seed, grading of the basin bottom and construction of a 6FT wide 200LF+ low flow channel. 

Along with the basin repair BDL regraded all the areas that were affected by the remediation project and made any repairs to the existing landscapes as needed. 

Check out a few of our before and after photos to see the project area transform with the BDL crew working hard in the cold months. 

Progression of Site Clearing, Grading and Seeding

BDL Crew Finishing up the Seeding and Basin Grading