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Turning Small Landscapes into a Beautiful Getaway

Turning Small Landscapes into a Beautiful Getaway

We are tasked all the time with designing landscaping of different sizes and shapes. Having a small property doesn't mean your landscape has to suffer. Use the size of your property into purposeful little getaways, here are a few suggestions on how to turn your small landscape into a small slice of paradise.

Focal Points and Pathways- One thing a property owner can consider doing is creating certain focal points in their landscapes. Having pathways constructed with beautifully designed pavers that lead to important and focused destinations in your small landscape. Not only are you adding an attractive sense of organization to the landscape, but you are also creating an area and designating its function through focal points. Consider adding a fire pit in in the backyard, with nice paver walkways connecting from the patio to the fire pit area. Those pavers are meant to accent the beauty of the landscape while also serving a purpose, taking visitors on a small tour to the areas you want them to admire.

Add Height, not Width- Dealing with a small landscape, it usually means the owner cannot expand the property in terms of length or width. So, how does one make a landscape look bigger than it is? Add some verticality to the landscape. Add a variety of tall plants and arrangements throughout the landscape, even along the pathways that have been constructed. Having different levels of height within a landscape encourages those visiting to notice the height variations, leading them to believe they are hanging out in a spacious environment. A few suggestions for plants would be sizable, shady trees, stoic perennials, ivies, and a mix of shrubbery and flowers. Also, when using planters and pots, consider different sizes and match them to make things seem more elevated than other areas.

Bold but Beautiful- With limited room, there are limited options for a mix of vibrancy and spacious beauty. Those with limited options can make one simple choice that can be a game changer for landscapes. Consider adding some bold color options into the landscape. It doesn’t necessarily have to fall upon flowers providing the vibrancy. Utilize colored outdoor furniture and structures in the backyard, using bold colors can help make the landscape pop out more for the owner and for those visiting.

Less is More- Since you have a small landscape to work with, you don’t want to clutter it up too much and make it seem messy. Instead, a better way to go would be to create an environment where every addition is organized and serves a purpose. Keep things simple and organized, so when people who are visiting your landscape notice everything, it looks purposeful and attractive at the same time. Don’t turn the yard into one of those backyards where people keep filling empty space with objects. Keep decorations at a minimal but impactful level, while also keeping a well-maintained lawn creating a very streamlined landscape overall.

Many landscape owners may not have the time to take care of their landscape, so they usually consider hiring professional landscapers to do the job for them. By Design Landscape are professional  landscapers who operate throughout the NJ area. They will work with you and bring out the best results possible for your landscape, providing nothing but satisfaction.